Monday, 12 December 2011

How to create a Social Networking Website

The of dream of every developer to create a social networking website. I shall tell you the simpler way for novice. First of all you need a hosting space and a domain name you may buy domains form BigRock or GoDaddy or any other reliable website for domain and hosting from Hostgator, BlueHost OR Free hosting from 000webhost with 1500 MB free space and 100GB of bandwidth and 99% uptime. After you bought Domian and Webspace Download Elgg the free social networking script but there are also paid scripts but elgg is best for free because it is easily customizable and have lots of plugins in its plugin market. Upload the script to your hosting for example in the directory public_html Setup the script create a My SQL Database and create a administrator account for logging into your website. Your Website is now ready and you could drive traffic through various programs like Google Adwords, SEO Etc and good luck.You better be thinking that if this person know how to create a social netwoking website why he is sharing with us and why he is running a blog that is because I was a novice at a time and want novice to achieve some thing.


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